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Bob Semple Workers pamphlet

A357 Folder 229 R Semple copy.tiff
Workers pamphlet for Bob Semple talk after his release from prison for sedition.

WILPF in Auckland, May 1916

WILPF met in Christchurch 1916 – 1918 as the Women's International League. The photograph shows Adela Pankhurst, centre, holding the flowers, and is seen here with a group of Auckland women in May 1916. Some of the women are wearing badges of the…

Rose and Harry Atkinson

MS-Papers-0071-18-1 Rose and Harry Atkinson (Custom).tif
A photograph of Rose and Harry Atkinson.

Cost of Living and Anti-Conscription Demonstration

19XX_2_262_1918 protest (Custom).tif
A photograph of a cost of living and anti-conscription demonstration in March 1917. It attracted over 2,500 people to the Colosseum in Christchurch.

Propaganda Tram, Christchurch 1915

A photograph of a propaganda tram in Christchurch with the inscription: 'A question you will have to answer some day, FATHER what did YOU do to help when Britain fought for freedom in 1915? What will your answer be?'

Public school cadets in Victoria Square

1923.53.749 Public School Cadets (Custom).tif
A photograph of public school cadets in Victoria Square, Christchurch, 24 May 1907.