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Photograph of Tim Armstrong

The photograph is a profile picture of Tim Armstrong.

The Case against Compulsory Military Training', by C. Reginald Ford

A photograph of the cover of 'The Case against Compulsory Military Training', by C. Reginald Ford, published by the Maoriland Worker and National Peace Council in 1912

Machine gun in Avon River

1923.53.37 Canterbury Times Sept 11 1912 p39 (Custom).tif
This machine gun, captured in the South African war was on display in the city. It was rolled into the river in September 1912. The PRU denied all knowledge.

Addington Railway Workshops

Canterbury Times, 6 August 1902 page 35 (Custom).tif
A newspaper photograph of the Addington Railway Workshops, where Harry Atkinson worked as a fitter and formed a life-long friendship with Jack McCullough.

WEA foundation students 1915

2 Foundation students.jpg
Canterbury Workers' Educational Association foundation students in 1915. Reg Williams is standing in the back row, third from the left. Other anti-militarists in this group include Ted Howard, second from the right, back row, and Fred Cooke, first on…

First Canterbury Workers' Educational Association Summer School, 1920.

23 The First Summer School, Oxford 1920.jpg
A photograph of the first CWEA (Canterbury Workers' Educational Association) Summer School, Oxford, 1920. Members of the Page, Ockenden, Struthers and Johnson families were among the participants. Anti-militarists Ted Howard, Clyde Carr, and Robert…

Robert Laing with CWEA group on Port HIlls

16 Robert Laing with group on Port Hills.jpg
A photograph of Robert Laing, the science master at Christchurch Boys' High School, with a group from the WEA on a field trip in the Port Hills.

No More War Committee

A photograph of the 'No More War Committee' in 1929. Fred Page is standing second from left; Ada Wells is standing second from right. Sarah Page is seated in the centre of the middle row while her sister Annie is seated at the right of the front row.…

Rose and Harry Atkinson

MS-Papers-0071-18-1 Rose and Harry Atkinson (Custom).tif
A photograph of Rose and Harry Atkinson.

Flyer for Kaiapoi Public Meeting, June 1912

A357 Folder 206 Military Training (Custom).tif
A flyer for a public meeting held in Kaiapoi, June 1912 when Charles Mackie and Morgan Williams gave the 'other side of the question' about compulsory military training.