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Photograph of Fred Cooke

The photograph is a profile picture of Fred Cooke.

Photograph Socialist Conference 1909

Group photo, taken at the Conference of Socialists, Wellington, 1909.

Photograph Labour Cabinet 1935

A photograph of the Labour Cabinet, 1935: including Tim Armstrong, Paddy Webb and Bob Semple.

Photograph Miners' Hall, Runanga

A photograph of the Runanga Miners' Hall circa 1910

Photograph of Ted Howard

The photograph is a profile picture of Ted Howard.

Photograph of Tim Armstrong

The photograph is a profile picture of Tim Armstrong.

Photograph of Bob Semple and Harry Holland

Semple and Holland.jpg
The photograph is a picture of Bob Semple and Harry Holland in Petone, Wellington.

Photograph of Bob Semple in his role as Minister of National Service

Semple ballot.jpg
A photograph of Bob Semple. The photograph shows Bob Semple, as Minister of National Service, drawing the first marble (quota of 2000) in the Territorial Service ballot in Wellington. Also in attendance are, from left to right: Colonel O H Mead, DSO,…

Maoriland Worker Cartoon (1)

Maoriland Worker Cartoon, 'Fat and the Profits': a socialist view of war and capitalism.

Maoriland Worker Cartoon (2)

Maoriland Worker Cartoon, 'The Fusion's "National Service"': socialist view of capitalism and war.